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THANK YOU ALL! Summer 2017 one to remember for us

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Summer! Best 2 days of the year!! Or so the joke goes. Well that certainly wasn’t the case for Dr and the Medics. It was a vintage Summer and one we all loved! It can be summed up in 3 words…


People who know us and have seen us know that playing live is our life blood and passion. Small gigs, big gigs, weddings, events in fact anything! We love it. But festivals hold a special place in our heart. They draw together people who may not have anything in common and put them together in a unique setting with live music and together we all get something special from that experience. Whether it just be a reason to smile or a new found friend or sense of social cohesion. In these days of uncertainty having all that positivity  to take away with us is something rare and wonderful.

I always give a massive shout out to all those that are involved and organise these wonderful events. For those of you that have never been involved let me tell you, it takes over their lives! You can’t do it unless you are driven and have a passion for it. You also have to be a bit mad for taking it on in the first place! But for all those qualities and for making so many people happy this Summer we thank you! We also know that while many think you will be resting on your laurels you are all busy planning next year already. Please do take just a little while though and look back at all you have achieved and be just a little proud!


But also a massive thank you to everyone that came along, everyone that supported any festival be it large or small. Without you there would be nothing but fields full of marquees and lone sound and light men, but thank Heavens that Britain is made up of loonies that care not about the rain, mud and long treks back to tents in the dark! Not only that but you give everything to the bands performing, it really is something special. We know people don’t come to see just us but we have made many new friends this year and reacquainted with some old ones.

THANK YOU! We hope to see you all again soon!

Finally where would a Dr be without Medics? Operating on his own and quite frankly that is a situation to be avoided at all costs!! So to my band, all of you whether you played every gig or just one or two, another ginormous thank you for all the gigs, support, love and friendship! I am blessed to have so many talented and good people around me.


But of course the story does not stop there, around 35 years ago today we played our first ever show. so we are now marching into our 36th Year, with many gigs to come starting in a couple of weeks time. You can check the gigs on the Gig List and we would love to see you at any event, please always come and say hello!

Love, Peace and Bananas

Doc x x x x


Thank you Vic Powles Photography for the pic from Witney shown on this post, one of many great ones he took!!