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It’s Rock & Bowl Time! Doctor and the Medics Headline – 29 May!

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Doctor and the Medics – Sunday Headliners!


How it all began…
It all started off in 2009 at the back of the Coach and Horses pub on the bowling green Hence (in part) Rock ‘n’ Bowl. The other aspect of ‘bowl’ came in the charity elements. The team thought it would be an excellent idea to put on a few bands at the back of the pub to put a bit of open air live music back into the community and try and support local charities in their efforts to support the town. Generously supported by local and national businesses the event has grown exponentially. The team have been genuinely surprised at the response to the event and over the years it has grown massively from over 1000 attendees in 2011 to over 4500 in 2015!

Go for it!
In moving site to the picnic area things changed greatly and the possibility of ‘giving away’ the door money  became unviable due to the huge increase in costs and workload. It was clear from attendance and enthusiastic response that the event was already in the heart of the town. We decided to produce and present the event on a level that the town had never seen before. To give the townsfolk something to be proud of and entertainment a cut above expectations.

Covering the cost
How many times do we hear people locally say ‘nothing decent ever goes on in this town’ ? Well with the brilliant effort that has gone into turning round our carnival we wanted to continue with Rock and Bowl because it is clear that people, young and old, respond positively and support with their attendance when something is in keeping with our times and worth it. Let’s get to work we said!

It was always going to cost people to attend at a new site and in it’s most basic format it would not have been much less for a ticket simply because of modern day event costs in just adhering to Health & Safety (Security / Planning / Medical / Power / Staffing / Administration / Stage / Sound / Lighting / Insurance / Highways / Licences / Environmental Health etc). So if all the effort for a basic event had to be done any way we may as well go the extra ‘mile’ and make it worth it and special.
By the time the event is staged around 1000 hours of planning work will have been put into it so hopefully, for the price of a  VERY basic night out , a days or weekends entertainment will be fantastic value and your contribution (of attending and having a thourougly great time in the continued spirit of past years) will be well worth it.

Good Vibrations
The event of course is primarily about the music, the amazing vibe and shared experience it creates. We are lucky to have many people living locally who are industry professionals and give their time for free to put on the festival

We will continue to find ways to support our community projects and charities so that our coming together to enjoy ourselves has the added bonus of enabling others to do the same in there lives be it our youth, elderly or less able members of society.

Rock ‘n’ Bowl – “The Biggest Little Festival”………..Enjoy !

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