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The Doctor In Germany – 27 August – Rock Classics All Stars

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The Doctor Invades Germany

The Doctor to appear in Germany at the Rock Classic All Stars.  Special Guest will be Vom!


In the 70s, the styles of music found its beginning, joy of life and the feeling of freedom was (not only musical) lived. The decade is unique and unforgotten to this day, as well as the top ten of the charts: all different, but all equally great.

Stemming from a charity project, the Rock Classic Allstars have formed lasting over ten years ago and bring the lifestyle of this decade back.

The members of this unique lineup reads like a “who’s who” of the music history:

Len “Chip” Hawkes (ex TREMELOES) / Steve Whalley (ex SLADE) / Greg Bannis (ex-HOT CHOCOLATE) / John Lawton (ex-URIAH HEEP) / Bobby Kimball (ex TOTO) / Precious Wilson (ERUPTION) / Clive Jackson (DR. & THE MEDICS) / Jeff Brown (ex-SWEET) / Alan Silson (ex Smokie) / Eric Faulkner (ex BAY CITY ROLLERS) / Rob Benson (T.REX) / Bob Bradbury (HELLO) / John Springate (GLITTER BAND) / John Coghlan (ex- STATUS QUO) Bill Hurd (RUBETTES feat. Bill Hurd) / Graham Oliver (ex-SAXON) / Barry Ryan / George McCrae / John Kincade Leo Lietz (THE LORD) / Daniel Boone / Phil Hendriks (stiffs) / John Verity (ex-ARGENT) / Rick Driscoll (KENNY) / Peter Szigeti (ex-WARLOCK) / wolla Böhm (ex-UDO) / Niko Arvanitis (ex-WARLOCK)
and many, many more …

In this worldwide unique band project, there are more than 50 musicians of the present in changing (as desired) cast a successful mix of their greatest hits and many other rock Highlights 60s, 70s and 80s.

The music of these legends has more than one generation is moving and changing.

Experience a more than three-hour journey through the past 40 years of rock music and make your very own best-of-show according to your own wishes.

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